Medical Treatment in Turkey

What sets treatment in Turkey apart from other countries, and what is the situation with treatment prices there? What does medical tourism mean?

In the last decade, the number of tourists seeking medical treatment worldwide has exceeded 10 million, with an annual revenue reaching 100 billion dollars.
Furthermore, it is estimated that the number of tourists in thermal tourism (sulfur springs, mineral waters) and natural treatments exceeds this figure significantly.

And this concept of health tourism is not a new one. Since ancient Greece, people have been traveling to seek treatment for their illnesses.

Health tourism, in contrast to local treatments, involves traveling from one's place of residence to a different city or country to seek treatment for specific illnesses.

It is observed that Turkey is one of the first countries to be involved in medical tourism.

In addition to Turkey's geographical and strategic location, globally accredited service quality, and a climate that is free from extreme hot and cold temperatures,

the flight distance to three continents does not exceed four hours, which enables Turkey to reach 1.5 billion people worldwide and offer them the latest treatment methods available.

Why treatment in Turkey?

  • The quality of world-class healthcare is high, as Turkey is constantly trying to bring the latest medical devices.
  • High medical efficiency has motivated Turkey, after political stability, to try to return all doctors from outside the country and open multiple medical centers to serve their medical specialties.
  • competitive pricing advantages.
  • Personalized and diverse services.
  • The number of health institutions and organizations accredited globally by the Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • The presence of many companies facilitating patients' access to hospitals for treatment. Whether public or private, most hospitals have interpreters who speak multiple languages.
  • The waiting time in hospitals is relatively short for patients.
  • Rich cultural heritage.

These characteristics play an important role in shaping the thoughts of tourists visiting the country temporarily and individuals who wish to spend the rest of their lives in another country after retirement.

Patients choose Turkey not only due to price rates. The cost of medical treatment and surgeries in Turkey is significantly more affordable compared to many Western European and developed countries. For example, the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is below $2,000 in Turkey, whereas it can range from approximately $15,000 to $16,000 in the United States.

In Europe, the cost of medical operations such as laser treatment for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism ranges from 4,000 to 8,000 Euros, while in Turkey, it is around 600 Euros. As for open-heart surgery, the average cost in European countries is approximately 25,000 Euros, whereas in first-class hospitals in Turkey, it is around 10,000 USD.

Many retirees facing high healthcare costs in Western Europe and other developed countries choose to continue their lives in Turkey due to its more affordable healthcare system. This situation leads to international retirement migration.

Lastly, we should not forget that due to the rapid depreciation of the Turkish lira, prices in Turkey, including medical costs, were in competition with the lowest medical prices in countries like India, taking into account the difference in medical advancements.

For medical tourism, healthcare institutions and organizations need to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). In Turkey, there are approximately 45 accredited healthcare units, ranking second globally in this regard. Most of these accredited institutions are located in Istanbul. Istanbul ranks first in terms of both the number of accredited healthcare facilities and the variety of healthcare services offered.

Indeed, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous highly qualified Arab doctors working in various sectors of the hospital industry who have made significant contributions to facilitating medical tourism in Turkey. Their expertise and experience play a crucial role in providing quality healthcare services and catering to the needs of Arab patients seeking medical treatment in Turkey.

In the last four years, more than 18 city hospitals (Şehir Hastanesi) have been constructed in Turkey.

These hospitals have been established by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.
City hospitals are organized as large regional healthcare complexes, unlike regular city and state hospitals, with a focus on education and research purposes.
The aim of city hospitals is to provide comprehensive healthcare services by incorporating all types of medical units and utilizing the most advanced technology and medical facilities. The smallest hospital in Turkey has 500 beds, while the largest hospital has 3,600 beds.

Types of Treatment Centers in Turkey in Terms of Price and Services

In Turkey, treatment prices in hospitals are categorized into six categories.

Treatment Prices in Government Hospitals in Turkey

Primary hospitals: In these hospitals, simple surgeries are performed, and the prices are quite affordable. However, complex surgeries are not carried out.

Secondary research and education hospitals: In these hospitals, complex surgeries are performed, but the facility is relatively small. The prices are affordable for individuals with limited income.

University and city hospitals (city hospital): These are large hospitals where all complex surgeries are performed. The prices are relatively high, but in most cases, they are lower than private hospitals. However, in some cases, the prices may be higher, so it is necessary to confirm the price before starting the treatment.

Treatment in Private Hospitals in Turkey

Small private hospitals: Only minor procedures are performed.

Modern and massive hospitals, but not a chain with prices similar to university hospitals or slightly higher..

Hospital chains such as Medical Park, Acibadem, and Medicana: These hospitals are well-developed, and their prices are high, but still lower than those in the European Union and the United States.

At Bimaristan Company, we select the best treatment centers in Turkey based on price and experience.

You can read all the articles and scientific developments in Turkey below.

What are the cheapest hospitals in Turkey?

The cheapest hospitals in Turkey are the first-class hospitals in the country.

Treatment in Turkey with the Bimaristan Travel Team.

Some may think that treatment in India is cheaper than in Turkey, and therefore patients may occasionally prefer it. However, at Bimaristan, we greatly assist in providing the best price for treatment without surpassing the prices in India, while offering greater medical advancements.

"What is the best country for treatment?"

It is certain that Turkey, especially Istanbul, is the best destination for medical tourism for Arab citizens. This is because Arab doctors have the opportunity to practice in various fields, which allows them to introduce patients to the best doctors who excel in specific areas. This advantage is not available in any other country.

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