Our Services

Services Offered by Bimaristan Travel Team

By utilizing the services offered by the Bimaristan Travel team, we always strive to make your treatment process easy and secure.

24-hour service.

Bimaristan Travel team aims to earn patient satisfaction by providing their services 24 hours a day.

Finding a doctor specifically for you.

Bimaristan Travel selects the best doctors in Turkey for you and arranges appointments on your behalf.

Flight reservation

Bimaristan Travel team is ready to assist in making your journey easy.

Health insurance

Bimaristan Travel is ready to assist you with health insurance services during your travels.


Bimaristan Travel takes care of incoming tourists and provides assistance regarding temporary accommodation during the treatment period.


Bimaristan Travel specializes in medical tourism, and therefore, the most important aspect of our services is to facilitate communication between the patient and the doctor.

Visa procedures

Bimaristan Travel is ready to assist you with visa matters to ensure your travel.

Transfer services

Transfer service is always available when needed for our patients based on their health condition.

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